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Your Success is Our Goal


"This is a very prestigious school! Mrs Braxton is more than inspirational, displaying resolve and resiliency! The atmosphere on campus is remarkable, determination is contagious and it's not only obvious but evident from the time you enter campus that every individual from staff to students has a determined spirit! If your needing a quality cut or would Like to further your professional career this is the place to be!"
"I’m currently a student at Wymaster. Ms. Braxton does a wonderful job simplifying the bookwork to where you can understand it. If you don’t plan on becoming a student please come by for a haircut so the students can work on their craft."
"Let me just start by saying, THANK YOU TO WYMASTER & MS. B for believing in me, and keeping the faith. I completed the class A barber program, passed my written exam on the first try, and was a week away from being a fully licensed barber. There were times when I missed months of school at a time and she sat me down not just as her student, but as a daughter to her, and asked me if this was what I wanted. I turned it up a notch because this was MY goal & I'm so glad I did. Even when life throws you lemons, you better make the best lemonade you've ever had!"
"Wymaster's has come thru for all the hair care needs we have brought to them. I am happy to have found them. My 3 sons like the haircuts they get as well."
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